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Tomfoolery's Mission Statement:
We deliver the ineffable qualities that separate the best performances from the rest. We create atmospheres, environments, & moods. We create impact and memorability that stays with your crowd long after the curtain comes down. We make beautiful art, while remaining grounded with good business sense.  Most of all, we provide peace of mind for the planners so that they, too, can be transported to the other realms we inhabit -- be IN the vistas we paint -- and remain relaxed and at ease throughout.

What is our range?
We learned a long time ago not to try and be everything to everybody -- it can't be done and you don't end up doing anything well. Instead, here at Tomfoolery, by just being who we are and doing what we already know how to do really, really well, we deliver excellent special events and variety entertainment. Simply put, we deliver the goods with a positive attitude, high competence, and an aim towards excellence in each and every booking.

What do we do?
We are a dynamic collection of artists, performers, producers and technicians dedicated to one purpose only -- transporting our viewers into another realm, with as little back stage drama as possible. It is our goal to take care of all the details, all questions, all variables with good grace and good humor.

Come inside and see what we do..

Welcome to Tomfoolery!


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