Tomfoolery has a long history of providing jaw-dropping stage acts drawn from the circus tradition. From gasp-inducing aerial acts to gut-splitting clown segments to awe-inspiring juggling or contortion acts, Tomfoolery has represented the very best in circus and cirque style entertainment. We provide everything from one or two acts that will appear and inspire wonder in casinos, museums, or special events to full theatrical stage shows.

In recent years, Tomfoolery has assembled an entire company of circus performers entitled Cirque Voila! Cirque Voila! brings to you the core of what circus has always been about; extraordinary people doing amazing things, and a story that reaches into the soul. Cirque Voila! has been appearing in college and community theaters across the USA and may soon drop in on your town! For more information about Cirque Voila! please visit the Cirque Voila! website.






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