Any description we could provide of what we offer is invariably incomplete. How do we categorize the hot air balloon rides or the puppeteers? And if we describe to you the talking severed head-on-a-plate performers aren't we leaving out the airbrush face painters or the Bollywood dancers? And what about the faux paparazzi or the palm readers or the Chinese martial arts demonstrators?

So here we have listed a good quantity of what we can provide in one place, in one long list. The key here is to let you know that we have an enormous roster of performers and an ability to create that special atmosphere that uniquely suits your event. So browse the list, and then consider writing to us so we can have the opportunity to figure out how we might best meet your needs!

Hot Air Balloons
Cirque Performers and Shows
Concert Quality Banjo
Christmas Carolers
Human Statues
Airbrush Face Painters
Jazz Pianists & combos
Renaissance Festival Performers
Strolling Hors D’oevre Tables
Palm Readers
Team Building Games for Corporations
Bollywood Dancers
Herald Trumpeters
Phrenologists (Read the Bumps on your head)
Chinese Martial Arts Demonstrations
Sci-Fi Characters (a la Star Trek and Star Wars)
Brass Quintets
Body Painters
Live Tigers, Pythons & Exotic Animals
Hawaiian Fire Dancers
Story Tellers
Coney Island Side Show Performers
Personal Trainers
Mimes & Circus Clowns
Knife Throwers
Faux Paparazzi
Chinese Dragon Dancers
Physical Comedy
Vegas Style Show Girls
Strolling Cyborg characters (a la “The Borg”)
Cigar Rollers
Flying Trapeze
Dice Stackers
Brazilian Carnivale Processions
Swing Bands
Snake Charmers
Balloon Animal Virtuosi
Political Look Alikes
Living Paintings
Jazz Trios
Con Men
Comedy Writers
Strolling Strings (violins, etc.)
Silhouette Cutters
Mind Readers
Japanese Taiko Drummers
Improvisational Comedy Shows
Civil War Re-enactors
Aerial Artists
Western Artists (six guns and bullwhips)
Trapeze Performers
Jazz Bands
Sand Castle Building
Stage Combat and Stage Fight Choreography
variety Party Bands

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